Executive Benefit Design

All employers ultimately face the same problem: how to attract and retain key executives. Key people drive revenue, establish a culture of success and create the foundation for future prosperity. Losing core team members can be more detrimental to a company’s financial health and future viability than virtually any other factor. We find that employer benefits are often acquired “a la carte” over time, as a business grows. This type of common business practice inevitably produces large gaps in coverage which may negatively impact key employees and lead them to leave your company. We can help you design a comprehensive plan that will eliminate destructive benefits gaps and lead to greater long term retention of your key personnel.

Employer benefits packages are frequently structured as “one size fits all,” offering the same level of benefits to the hourly worker and the key person alike. Key executives, with higher rates of income and value to the company, require benefits commensurate with their worth. We can help you create a benefits structure that will attract and retain high quality key executives.

Whether starting from scratch to customize your benefits plan or helping to improve the effectiveness of your existing plan, PRM has the skill and experience to meet your needs.

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PRM has partnered with benefitRFP, a nationally respected consulting group specializing in executive benefit plans. Our partnership with benefitRFP grants us access to resources that stretch far beyond the typical retail solutions offered by most financial planning firms.

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